In The Spotlight - The Essential Guide to Giving Great Media Interviews
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Yorkland Publishing presents Ed Shiller's
latest book:

In The Spotlight - The Essential Guide to Giving Media Interviews

In the Spotlight: The Essential Guide to Giving Great Media Interviews is a must for anyone who wants to face the media with poise, confidence and credibility.

In the Spotlight provides step-by-step direction to prepare for and give media interviews. It explains the communications principles and concepts that underpin great interviews. And it shines with anecdotes and case histories drawn from Ed’s illustrious career as a journalist and communicator.

Ed’s ground-breaking approach will enable you to answer even the most aggressive questions with a calmness and sincerity that will earn the trust of the public and of the media.

Chapter headings
  • A new approach
  • Choosing the right spokesperson
  • Setting up the interview
  • 30 essential tips for giving great interviews
  • Fundamental principles and concepts of communications
  • Building your relationship with the media
  • Using the Critical Path to Prepare for the Interview
  • The Seven Axioms for effective media interviews
Case Histories
  • Suppressed feelings rise to the surface
  • Toronto’s police chief gets it right
  • Bringing a Secondary Media Contact into the interview
  • Railroad head faces the media following a fatal train explosion
  • A study in contrasts – The power of residual good will and ill will
  • Explaining an unpleasant truth
  • WCB, Part I – Getting to know your key publics through research and direct experience
  • WCB, Part II – Key messages equal the attitudes and perceptions of key publics
  • When reacting was better than acting
  • A child dies because of delayed treatment
  • It’s only public when it’s public
  • When I almost spilled the beans
  • Separating the “lie” from the “truth”
  • You can’t defend what you don’t believe
About the Author
Ed Shiller

Ed Shiller has earned distinction as a journalist, public relations consultant, workshop leader and media trainer. ...more